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About Bay Maritimes

We are well established logistic company in Pakistan with specialization in handling various activities in the domain of imports and exports. We offer Customs Clearance, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Domestic Door-to-Door Deliveries and various other Special Logistic Services. As a one-stop solution for freight management and transportation, Bay Maritimes is ranked among the leading customs house agents and freight forwarders. We are committed to provide quality shipping & customs clearance solutions across the entire consignment life-cycle to our customers in Pakistan and abroad. Our operations include Customs Clearance, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Domestic Door to Door Deliveries and other Value Added Services.

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to optimize our potential by making appropriate use of all available resources, pool of modern management techniques and fulfilling market demands. We have strong faith and belief in Almighty, He would reward honest and diligent endeavour and will bless all those who work for the company. By virtue of above, we believe that Bay Maritimes will be a leader of Global Logistics Management in Pakistan.

Why Choose Us

  • Efficient Afghan Transit
  • Easy Documentation
  • Safe & Timely Delivery
  • Tie-up with leading airlines & shipping companies to ensure fastest delivery

Full Control on the associates of the well maintained fleet owners to make sure that transportation of consignments does not face any problem